AMS (Asset Management System) - Universal Music Publishing Group -

AMS consolidated UMPG’s disparate systems into one large "total system" which interacts daily with their mainframe copyright system as well as a number of outside and inside data-feeds. Data was imported from a number of pre-existing databases, identifying commonalities across their different and confusing structures. This enabled UMPG to look at data in ways that had never been possible before.

AMS is used by the Copyright, Creative, Film & TV Licensing, Financing, and Legal and Business Affairs departments of UMPG. AMS is structured to act as both a central repository for new copyrights (assets) entering into the UMPG administrative model, as well as a central platform for managing critical catalog information of a quasi financial nature. AMS is used to track song delivery and other pertinent publishing data against writer contract commitments.

AMS strengthens the Creative and Business Affairs departments' ability to manage client relationships in the area of contract negotiation, anticipating firm commitment and option payments, and reduces the time gathering crucial song licensing data. By combining this data with existing writer, song and recording information, UMPG is able to expedite mechanical licensing, thus not only reducing the release to collection cycle ($), but also mitigating pressure from the departments to add additional headcount. AMS is also used to track pitch activity by writer and product manager, publicize songs on hold, and serves as the backbone for the on-line Film & TV sales tool.