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Relationships. Processes. Professionalism.


After numerous projects across multiple organizations, we know that 80% of IT Project Management & Application Development is working with people. Technology, though complex, is simply not the main barrier to project success. There are plenty of tools that fulfill various needs and navigating the technical landscape can be tricky, but can be done by having the experience and expertise.

We understand that managing IT projects means collaborating with all individuals that are part of the project team and are ultimately affected by the project. We believe that working effectively with people is essential to project success.


We are process people. This does not mean we create complex process diagrams with countless boxes and arrows in order to impress you. We quickly learn how an organization works, observe the steps done by those involved, analyze the flow, then conceptualize the entire process so that we “get it”. We then create a clear picture that is understandable and easy to follow.


We respect your business culture. Whether implementing your vision, or formulating a strategy with you, we approach our work with an appreciation for how you do things. We do not pretend to know more about your business than you do. Our consultants are able to quickly gather, analyze, and synthesize pertinent information in a considerate manner.
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Javelin consultants have worked on numerous projects, both from inception and brought in on the brink of failure, where tensions ran high and expectations of success were very low. In either scenario, we completed the projects with success. IT Project Management

Application Development/System Design

IT Project Assessment
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