POPeye - Universal Music & Video Distribution -

The POPeye (Point of Purchase) monitoring system gives Field Marketing Representatives (FMRs) working for Universal Music & Video Distribution (UMVD) across the country the ability to easily upload and display photos of in-store artist and album promotional displays for viewing by UMVD and label executives.

The new process allows FMRs to take digital photos of the displays and upload the photos with its appropriate meta-data to the POPeye system. UMVD and label personnel are then able to:

    • Search for and view the photos online
    • Access historical and current information available anytime on the web
    • Run reports based on FMR, region, label and date range.
    • Reduce costs by not having to buy and process film and not having to build photo albums and spend on shipping costs.

This system enables UMG executives to easily monitor promotional ideas that their retail partners produce for their record label releases across the entire country.