SMASH –( Scoring Music & Selecting Hits) -

SMASH is an Internet-based, online game, SMASH, where customers create their own music labels, "sign" UMG artists and attempt to win prizes. Much like fantasy baseball & football, SMASH users receive points each week based on the real-world retail album sales. The artists' album sales are tracked using a feed from Soundscan sales figures and the winners get various prizes. The game is in its 4th year and, in 2004, the player with the highest points at the end of the game won a Mercedes-Benz.

The client feels that the game has built strong awareness of UMVD distributed artists in a fun and creative manner. It also provides incentive to UMVD customers to promote UMVD developing artists, thereby increasing sales. Some features of the game include:

    • The ability of players to create their own "label" logo
    • Reports on how all artists are doing as well as how other players are scoring
    • The chance to form Teams and play for Team prizes
    • 'B-Side' games that the players can play on a weekly basis
    • Bonus signing periods for more strategic game play