www.umg-design.com - Universal Music Group Common Label Operations Division -

UMG-Design.com is an Internet Design Resource Center used by graphic designers who are working on Universal Music Group (UMG) marketing and production materials. It serves as a central repository of graphic material for them, complete with all necessary information and publishing guidelines. It is available in five different languages.

Graphic Designers are able to:

    • Download advertisement templates for numerous magazine and print publications for a specific ad size page.
    • Find original line art for Universal Music & label specific fonts & logos
    • Find specified guidelines for working on cassettes, CDs, vinyl, DVD, etc.
    • Export the advertisement spec data to an Excel spreadsheet for easy manipulation

UMG users are able to:

    • Provide information and guidelines for designers working on UMG Materials
    • Add & edit new ad size templates
    • Send a mass e-mail to all registered site users with updates about changes to guidelines, procedures, and templates
    • Send an export of ad spec data to all ad spec contacts at the publications