Digital Asset Library (UMPG HQ) - Universal Music Publishing Group Film/TV Division -

The Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) HQ application is a centralized asset management system that also serves as an administration tool for the creation and administration of web sites, online newsletters, and other web based marketing tools & systems. The HQ includes a library of archived audio, video, text and image files, from which new media personnel can pull web content into any site for publication on the Internet or Intranet. Through the use of this tool UMPG now has a large, consolidated repository of assets and an administrative module that can be use for various websites and applications.

Each individual department can pull content from the “Asset Library” and create and administrate their own web sites. UMPG can easily locate assets and content that previously were found only by extensive searches done multiple times for the same images and files. Furthermore, a UMPG office anywhere in the world no longer needs to spend money to reinvent an administrative tool to create a website. They can now leverage the existing HQ to create their own unique web presence.